Deadpool Sequel Loses Director Tim Miller


Tim Miller Departs Deadpool Sequel

Tim Miller and 20th Century Fox mutually depart from each other on the Deadpool sequel. According to Deadline, the director left on his own accord due to “mutual creative differences” with star Ryan Reynolds. Rumors say the point of contention was a disagreement of whom should play the much anticipated role of the futuristic mutant, Cable. Within The Wrap’s two reports, which reported the casting dispute, say it’s what broke the camel’s back. They also add, the director wanted an action-oriented sequel with a budget in the realm of $150 million. If rumors are true, Miller must’ve realized the studio would go with Reynolds’ vision to repeat what made the original successful and cut the cord himself. In turn, 20th Century Fox later announced Miller would direct the adaptation of the novel, ‘Influx’.


Successful Movie Doesn’t Equal Successful Relationship

Deadpool is the highest-grossing Rated-R movie of all time. It grossed over $782 million worldwide. The movie had been in developmental hell for nearly ten years, until test footage was leaked by Miller’s production company, Blur Studio. Three years later in 2014, the movie was green-lit for production. Although the movie was a world-breaking hit, rumors claim the relationship between Reynolds and Miller weren’t as close as it seemed. There have been reports they didn’t get along the entire time. Some say they didn’t speak after the movie released until meetings begun about the sequel. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t come to a compromise, as the movie was great. Let’s hope Reynolds’ vision is the right choice and an actor is cast that does Cable justice.


Who Will Direct the Deadpool Sequel

According to another report by Deadline, Fox is aiming at multiple directors. David Leitch of John Wick fame is reportedly the front runner. New reports claim ‘The Martian’ writer, Drew Goddard, and director, Magnus Martens of Luke Cage fame, are also in the running. Goddard has the best resume of the three with his writing and producing credits on Lost and the Daredevil seriesx. He’s also set to executive produce multiple episodes of the upcoming Defenders series. I’m leaning towards Goddard, as he has familiarity with comic book properties, including writing the now defunct Sinister Six spinoff. Leitch is mostly known for stunts and recently helping produce the John Wick movies. He doesn’t have much directorial experience, if any. Martens has more experience with comic book properties, as he’s directed for Agents of Shield and Luke Cage. Let’s hope they find a director, sooner than later.


You can watch the unnamed Deadpool Sequel on March 2, 2018 at a theater near you. What do you think of Tim Miller leaving? Do you think the sequel will suffer without him at the helm? Who would you like to see replace the director? Let us know your thoughts by liking, sharing and/or leaving a comment below.


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