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Deadpool Sequel Looking to Cast Domino

Deadpool Must Go On Despite our previous report regarding the recent departure of Tim Miller, the show must go on. In moving forward, casting rumors for the role of Domino are being reported by Collider. A list that’s grown from six to ten actresses, Domino

Deadpool Sequel Loses Director Tim Miller

Tim Miller Departs Deadpool Sequel Tim Miller and 20th Century Fox mutually depart from each other on the Deadpool sequel. According to Deadline, the director left on his own accord due to “mutual creative differences” with star Ryan Reynolds. Rumors say the point of contention

Spider-Man Spinoffs Future Update Teased by Sony

Spider-Man Spinoffs Teased Once upon a time, Sony Pictures developed and produced their own Spider-Man movies. Five, to be exact. In those five movies, we met plenty of Spider-Man characters and villains. At some point, Sony believed it would be a good idea to start

New Spider-Man Animated Series Coming to Disney XD

New Animated Spider-Man Series Replacing Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD A recent USA Today article reported Marvel and Disney XD will replace the Ultimate Spider-Man with a new Spider-Man animated series. Ultimate Spider-Man’s run will end with it’s fourth season in January. Loosely based on

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