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Force Friday

All Star Wars fans need to grab their robes, blasters and lightsabers, as Force Friday descends upon us on Friday, September 30th. This is the day when the new Star Wars: Rogue One merchandise are to be released. With a new Star Wars movie being

Star Wars Movie Schedule Through 2020

Star Wars is the biggest sci-fi brand in the world. No one surpasses them in terms of branding, merchandise, and name recognition. You may speak German, Chinese, Spanish or Russian, but you’ll know the word ‘Jedi’. As popular as it is today, it was just

Funko 2016 New York Comic Con Exclusives

At this year’s New York Comic Con, Funko will be selling nearly 40 different exclusives at the Funko booth. Although these are exclusive to NYCC 2016, many of them will be shared with stores like Hot Topic, GameStop, Barnes & Noble, FYE and Box Lunch

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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 (Premiere) on Disney XD

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 1: Steps Into Shadow Season 3 begins with Ezra’s rebel mission going awry due to his reckless leadership, and Thrawn emerging as a new threat. Synopsis courtesy of TV Guide Please follow and like us:

Upcoming Funko Releases as of 9-23-16

The following Funko pops and Dorbz have been announced as upcoming releases. Please note, this may contain spoilers. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them Coming in September Hot Topic Mystery Box – Horror Chase Rumored to be coming October 1st Steampunk Batman (HT Exclusive)

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