Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 4×07 Title, Synopsis & Promo

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 7: Deals With Our Devils S.H.I.E.L.D. MOURNS THE LOSS OF ITS TEAMMATES With the loss of half the team, the remaining members search for answers as the clock counts down for Ghost Rider. Synopsis courtesy of ABC

Supernatural Ep. 12×07 Title, Synopsis, Stills & Promo

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7: Rock Never Dies RICK SPRINGFIELD ROCKS OUT AS LUCIFER Lucifer (Rick Springfield) realizes that as rock star Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, Lucifer arranges to play a secret VIP

The Walking Dead Ep. 7×06 Title, Synopsis and Promos

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6: Swear Someone stumbles upon a brand new society, and this society is unlike anything seen before. Synopsis courtesy of AMC You can watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6: Swear Sunday, November 27th 9/8c on AMC. What

Westworld Ep. 1×09 Title, Synopsis, Stills and Promo

Westworld Season 1 Episode 9: The Well-Tempered Clavier Maeve approaches Sweetwater’s longtime outlaw Hector with a bold proposition. William tries to convince Logan to help liberate Dolores. Teddy and the Man in Black get closer to what they’re looking for. Stubbs’s suspicions are aroused. Ford

The Flash Episode 3×07 Title, Synopsis, Stills & Promos

*SPOILER ALERT* Unleashing Your Inner Kid Flash In last week’s episode of The Flash, Wally’s dreams of being Kid Flash get stronger and more painful. Barry reveals Wally was Kid Flash in Flashpoint to Joe, Iris and Wally. Although Barry warns them of his fate

Supergirl Episode 2×07 Title, Synopsis, Stills & Promos

*SPOILER ALERT* Going Too Far for One’s Ideals In last week’s episode of Supergirl, we were introduced to a long-time Superman foe; Parasite. The CW’s version of Parasite is an alien parasite who views humans as destroyers of their own planet. It believes it’s the

The Walking Dead Episode 7×05 Stills and Promos

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5: Go Getters Surrounded by enemies and saddled with grief, members of the group hope to find safety at the Hilltop before it’s too late. Synopsis courtesy of TV Guide and AMC You can watch The Walking Dead Season

Westworld Episode 1×08 Still and Promo

Westworld Season 1 Episode 8: Trace Decay Ford orders a reluctant Bernard to conduct business as usual. Maeve looks to change the script for her storyline. Dolores finds it increasingly difficult to separate dreams from reality. Teddy is jarred by dark memories, while the Man

Once Upon A Time (OUAT) Episode 6×09 Stills & Promo

Once Upon A Time (OUAT) Season 6 Episode 9: Changelings A bond of sisterhood changes forever after Gold instructs the Evil Queen to kill Zelena. Meanwhile, a sacrifice made by Belle affects all of Storybrooke; Jasmine discovers a lamp with no genie; and in a

Gotham Episode 3×10 Title, Synopsis, Stills & Promos

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 10: Time Bomb SPARKS IGNITE AS BRUCE LEARNS MORE ABOUT THE COURTS OF OWLS On the eve of their rehearsal dinner, a threat to Mario (guest star James Carpinello) and Lee (Morena Baccarin) is exposed, and Falcone (guest star

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