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Gotham Episode 3×10 Title, Synopsis, Stills & Promos

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 10: Time Bomb SPARKS IGNITE AS BRUCE LEARNS MORE ABOUT THE COURTS OF OWLS On the eve of their rehearsal dinner, a threat to Mario (guest star James Carpinello) and Lee (Morena Baccarin) is exposed, and Falcone (guest star

Gotham Episode 3×09 Title, Synopsis, Stills & Promos

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 9: The Executioner GUILTY! Gordon and Bullock become suspicious of Barnes, and comb through evidence of the murder at Lee and Mario’s engagement party. Nygma goes to Penguin when he hasn’t heard from Isabella (guest star Chelsea Spack). Meanwhile,

Gotham Episode 3×07 New Promos and Stills

*SPOILERS AHEAD* When You Cross the Mad Hatter, Your Life Ends in Tatters In last week’s episode ‘Follow the White Rabbit’, Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter, seeks his revenge upon James Gordon. The episode starts with a twisted game of a no-win situation. Gordon must

Gotham Episode 3×06 Synopsis, Stills and Promos

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 6: Follow the White Rabbit MAD HATTER GETS MADDER Mad Hatter sets his eyes on his next victims, forcing Jim Gordon to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile, Penguin and Nygma’s relationship evolves, and a familiar face comes back into

Gotham: Mad City Ep. 3×05 Title, Synopsis and Promo

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 5: Anything For You   I’D DO ANYTHING Crime in Gotham is at an all-time high, as Penguin struggles to uphold his promises to the city. Meanwhile, Butch goes down a dark path with the infamous Red Hood Gang

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode 4×04 Synopsis & Promo

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 4: The Night Shift JAKE MEETS JESS ON PART ONE OF A SPECIAL, ALL-NEW “BROOKLYN NINE-NINE/NEW GIRL” CROSSOVER EVENT Zooey Deschanel of NEW GIRL Guest-Star As Jake struggles with his first case back at the precinct, he encounters Jess Day

Lucifer Episode 2×03 Synopsis & Promo

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 3: Sin-Eater LUCIFER AND CHLOE INVESTIGATE A SERIAL KILLER Lucifer and Chloe investigate a gruesome murder after a video of the crime surfaces on social media. When a second video appears, they realize they have a serial killer on their hands.

Gotham Episode 3×04 Synopsis & Promo Teaser

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 4: New Day Rising PENGUIN WANTS TO MAKE GOTHAM SAFE AGAIN ON AN ALL-NEW “GOTHAM” Penguin gains power as he narrows in on the nomination for Mayor of Gotham. Meanwhile, Gordon turns Alice (guest star Naian Gonzalez Norvind) into

Gotham Episode 3×03 Title, Plot and Sneak Peaks

Gotham: Mad City Season 3 Episode 3: Look Into My Eyes MAD HATTER ARRIVES IN GOTHAM – Hypnotist Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel) arrives in Gotham to search for his sister, Alice (guest star Naian Gonzalez Norvind), and hires Gordon to help find her. Meanwhile,

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