Uncharted Movie Being Fast Tracked by Sony


Uncharted Jumping from Consoles to the Big Screen

During a time when most popular movies are adapted from a different medium, the video game genre seems to be lacking a hit film. With over 20 movies adapted from or inspired by video games, you would think one would stand out of the bunch. Unfortunately, no one has found the magic touch to capture the eye of the audiences and critics. Having personally watched over 10 different video game films, I’ve only enjoyed the entertainment value of them. None would crack my top 100 favorite movies. Either video game movies are extremely difficult to adapt or no person directly influencing these franchises has been passionate enough for the genre. However, the one video game everyone has been dying to see adapted to the big screen is Uncharted. With treasure hunter Nathan Drake leading the charge, the game is on it’s fourth iteration while the series has received critical acclaim. The Uncharted series has sold over 30 million copies over it’s 9 years of existence.


Sony Adds ‘Real Steel’ Director to Helm Film

Having played and enjoyed the first Uncharted video game, I always thought it could be adapted into a great movie. Sony must have the same thoughts, as they’ve placed the franchise on the fast track. According to a report from Deadline, Sony has hired Shawn Levy of ‘Real Steel’ to direct Nathan Drake and company in Uncharted. The person who was previously set to helm the film, Joe Carnahan, has written the script but unable to direct due to his commitment to the third installment of the ‘Bad Boys’ franchise. With a script and director on board, it won’t be long before rumors start swirling around about who will play the protagonist, Nathan Drake. No word as to who’s in the running for the lead, but the Levy is hoping to start filming in the spring of 2017. Originally set for a 2017 summer release, no new release date has been given, yet.

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