Logan First Official Trailers and Released Stills


First Official Trailers Released For Logan

In what culminates the longest running career of any actor playing a superhero, 20th Century Fox released the official teasers for Logan. The nearly two minute teaser clears up some of my theories. After the success of Deadpool, rumors of an R-rated Wolverine 3 made the rounds. Soon after, Wolverine star Hugh Jackman took to social media. He announced the movie would be his last as the beloved mutant. It’s sad, but 18 years and 9 appearances as Logan/Wolverine is more than anyone expected from him and the character. Before hanging up the claws, Jackman asked fans what they want in his final movie as Weapon X. Most wanted an R-rating and an adaption of Old Man Logan. With the official red band trailer, Jackman gave fans exactly what they’ve asked. It’s the best trailer I’ve seen of any superhero movie and that’s saying a whole lot.


A Rated-R Western Send-Off for the Wolverine

The trailers have a post-apocalyptic old western feel. It begins with Xavier having a conversation with Logan about the loss of all mutants. You see a beaten down Logan living in a toppled water tower and later, a decrepit Xavier. What brings the two together is a young mutant girl; X-23. The story could be a combination of Old Man Logan, Death of Wolverine and the Messiah Complex events. Old Man Logan shows a broken and former hero forced to fight, again. During Death of Wolverine, enemies come after him as his healing factor diminishes. In Messiah Complex, 99% of mutants are gone due to M-Day and Scarlet Witch. No new mutants are born until the mutant messiah; Hope Summers. To save her and the future of mutant-kind, Cable must time-travel with her. Replace Hope with X-23, Cable with Wolverine minus time-travel and you have the new Logan movie.


All Official Photos Released

When Jackman teased information for his last go as Wolverine, many didn’t expect the marketing blitz that would follow. In the same vein as Ryan Reynold’s marketing for Deadpool, we received a nearly daily update with stills from the set. The teases have given so much insight into the movie, yet still has us wanting more. You can check out the the official teaser, red band teaser, and released photos below.


You can watch Logan on March 3, 2017 at a theater near you. What do you think of the teasers for Logan? Does it have you excited to watch the last X-Men movie for Jackman? What do you think of the released stills and information about the movie released, so far? Let us know your thoughts by liking, sharing and/or leaving a comment.

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Rest Stop

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