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Deadpool Must Go On

Despite our previous report regarding the recent departure of Tim Miller, the show must go on. In moving forward, casting rumors for the role of Domino are being reported by Collider. A list that’s grown from six to ten actresses, Domino is a coveted role. The character, if Fox continues the mutant universe past the Deadpool sequel, should be in multiple movies. One of which, is the highly anticipated X-Force movie. She, no doubt, would have a huge role in the lethal mutant team film.


Who’s ‘Lucky’ Enough to Play Domino

According to Collider, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lizzy Caplan, Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella, Stephanie Sigman, Sylvia Hoeks, Ruby Rose, Mackenzie Davis, Eve Hewson, and Kelly Rohrbach are all up for the role. It’s an overwhelming list, but also impressive. Many of the actresses could pull off the role while others can surprise us. With the list already at ten actresses, they will need to tap into the mutants power of luck to land the role. Before I explain more about the deadly mutant, I’ve listed movies for which the actresses are best known.


  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 10 Cloverfield Lane)
  • Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Cloverfield, Masters of Sex [Showtime])
  • Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher, American Sniper, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
  • Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond)
  • Stephanie Sigman (Spectre, Narcos [Netflix])
  • Sylvia Hoeks (Overspel [Dutch tv series])
  • Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black [Netflix], John Wick 2)
  • Mackenzie Davis (The Martian, Black Mirror [Netflix], Halt and Catch Fire [AMC])
  • Eve Hewson (Bridge of Spies, The Knick [Cinemax])
  • Kelly Rohrbach (Baywatch – 2017)


Who is Domino?

Neena Thurman, aka Domino, has been a member of Six-Pack, X-Force and the X-Men. She’s friend of and been intimate with Cable and Colossus. According to Marvel, “Domino is a mutant with the ability to subliminally and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor by making improbable things to occur within her line of sight, thus causing her to have “good luck” and her opponents to have “bad luck.”” In layman’s terms, she affects probabilities, making her unbelievably lucky. She’s highly trained in many combat techniques, covert operations, weapons and explosives. Not as popular as Cable or Deadpool, she still has a huge following. No matter who earns the coveted role, fans are sure to be for and against the choice. My only concern is their passion for the character and portrayal in the movie.


You can watch the unnamed Deadpool Sequel on March 2, 2018 at a theater near you. What do you think of Fox casting the ‘lucky’ mutant? Of the ten actresses, who is your pick for the role? Are there any other actresses you would add to the list? Let us know your thoughts by liking, sharing and/or leaving a comment below.

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