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James Wan Says Aquaman is a “High Seas Adventure Story”

On July 27, 2018, Warner Bros. Studios will release the first cinematic solo film for Aquaman. James Wan will direct the King of Atlantis’ movie. Usually known for his horror films, such as Saw, The Conjuring and Insidious, he also directed the smash hit, Furious 7. With all the talks of tone in the DCEU films, one has to wonder what tone Wan has planned for the movie. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the director spoke about the future DCEU movie. The spirit that I’m going for is like a classic sort of swashbuckling action adventure, sort of high seas adventure story. It’s ultimately a quest story in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Romancing the Stone,explains Wan.


What It Could Mean for the Movie

If the story is a quest, the McGuffin must be extremely powerful. The threat must be proportional to the power of Atlanteans. Atlantis has plenty of magical, mystical or ancient artifacts that fit the bill. From the Zodiac artifacts to the Dead King’s Atlantean Weapons, any are possibilities for this and future Aquaman films. Of the Zodiac artifacts, the twelve Zodiac Crystals together can tap into magical energies of the Earth. Of the Dead King’s Weapons, many pose a danger, but the most threatening was Atlan’s Scepter. It’s said to have caused the sinking of Atlantis into the ocean. If under the wrong hands, they could cause earthquakes large enough to sink a continent. In addition to causing quakes, it has a connection to the Trench. A distant cousin of Atlanteans, they’re evil creatures who seek any as food.


Building a Relationship Through Adventure

Whatever quest Arthur Curry sets upon, rest assure, Mera will be shoulder to shoulder next to him. However, from the movies Wan referenced, their relationship will be at the beginning stages. Both ‘Raiders’ and ‘Romancing the Stone’ had romantic relationships built throughout the adventures of the movie. The way Wan explains the feel of his movie makes you think Arthur Curry and Mera won’t be together and/or married, yet. This is reinforced by Wan’s statement when we meet them in Justice League. “I think Amber and Jason Momoa, in their moments in Justice League, [are] going to give the rest of the world a flavor of what their own standalone movie could be,” said Wan. “And that is just scratching the surface of what I plan to do.”


In another interview with Bustle, Wan expands on the tone and chemistry between Mera and Aquaman. “I really want to get the classic action-adventure-romance aspect through that, and I think that’s kind of fun,” says Wan. “It starts off initially with them not quite clicking with each other. But then as the story progresses, as they learn to try and work together, they get closer and closer,” Wan explains. “I think that dynamic will be really interesting between the two. Amber’s character is super strong, she’s very powerful as well. You don’t wanna mess with her. I think Amber will bring that sense of strength, but at the same time, we also want someone who has a sort of feminine quality to her as well. She’s a bit of a contrast to Momoa, who’s more of a muscular machine almost,” Wan goes on about Mera.


What do you think of what James Wan says about the movies that will influence the style of the movie? Are you excited to see the development of Mera and Aquaman’s relationship? What do you think will be the McGuffin of the film? Let us know your thoughts by liking, sharing and/or leaving a comment below.

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