The Flash Episode 3×04 Promos and Stills


The Flash’s Rogue Gallery Grows

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ll finally see Mirror Master’s first appearance on the fourth episode of The Flash. Grey Damon is playing the long-time Rogues member. Damon starred in the TV show Aquarius and appeared in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. In the comics, Sam Scudder was the first Mirror Master. While experimenting on mirrors, he figured out a way to enter his own reflection. Using this knowledge and his mirror guns, he discovered the Mirror World and became one of the Rogues. In the most recent version of the villain, he and the Rogues attempted to combine themselves with the power of their weapons. An explosion occurred during the process, causing Mirror Master to be trapped in Mirror World. The CW version of Mirror Master will obtain his powers from the dark matter explosion at Star Labs.


In addition to the introduction of Mirror Master, Top is also making her debut in this episode. Ashley Rickards has been cast as a female version of Top in the fourth episode. Rickards played lead character Jenna Hamilton in MTV’s Awkward. In the comics, Roscoe Dillon is a small-time criminal known as the Top. He somehow discovered if he spun fast enough, he could deflect bullets. Mostly known for his creative top-inspired bombs, he discovered newer powers such as increased intelligence, telekinesis, telepathy, and even the ability to induce vertigo. For the television series, the Top will most likely have powers from the dark matter explosion or Doctor Alchemy. If you look at the stills and watch the promo, it looks like Mirror Master and Top have a thing for each other.  In the comics, both Mirror Master and Top were involved with Captain Cold’s sister, Golden Glider.


Captain Cold Finally Makes His Return to The Flash

Speaking of Captain Cold, Leonard Snart will make his long-awaited return to The Flash after a hiatus aboard the Waverider in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Cold met his unfortunate end during the first season of Legends, dying a hero. Of course, no one really dies in the comics, as well as in the DC TV universe. In this new timeline, Snart never joins the Legends and remains in Central City. Either Rip Hunter didn’t consider him or Snart was more villainous than his previous counter-part and rejected the invite. Either way, we are sure to get a more brutal and lethal Captain Cold this season. He’s a major part of the equation for the new Rogues Gallery and Legion of Doom thanks to consequences of Flashpoint.


How Flashpoint Helps Reverse Flash Create the Rogues Gallery

Since Barry “corrected” the event leading to Flashpoint, things have changed and still changing due to the ramifications of his actions. Instead of being erased from existence in the first season finale, the Reverse Flash escapes his fate due to Barry inadvertently making Eobard Thawne aware that his ruse was discovered at some point. Combined with the demise of the Time Masters due to the Legends’ actions in their first season, Eobard has free roam of the space/time continuum. If you think the Speed Force/Time Wraiths should be able to stop him, you would be incorrect. Thawne is from the 25th century with a higher intellect than you would think. Mentioned on numerous occasions, he’s been time traveling for quite some time to find ways to ruin The Flash’s life. Combine his intellect and veteran status in time-travel and there’s no way a wraith is catching him.


Unimpeded, the Reverse Flash has made changes to history causing a ripple effect. Since Captain Cold doesn’t join Rip and the Legends, his redeeming qualities must be lacking. At some point, Eobard must’ve helped create a ‘colder’ Leonard Snart. With Doctor Alchemy causing the ‘rebirth’ of meta-humans from the Flashpoint timeline and having been a part of the Rogues in the comics, the Rogues look to have a bigger presence this season. In the comics, Eobard’s first act after his first defeat by The Flash was making Doctor Alchemy help him in destroying Barry’s life. I’m betting the Reverse Flash is the cause for the presence of Doctor Alchemy, as he needs him to distract Barry while he makes his changes to the past. In making these changes, Eobard has started a ripple effect that will lead to the formation of a bigger and badder Rogues Gallery.


The Flash Season 3 Episode 4: The New Rogues


Barry (Grant Gustin) continues to train Jesse (guest star Violett Beane) and when a new meta human, Mirror Master (guest star Grey Damon), appears on the scene he lets her tag along. Mirror Master has teamed up with his old partner, Top (guest star Ashley Rickards), and is looking for Snart (Wentworth Miller) to even a score. Jesse is quick to join the chase but defies one of Barry’s orders which results in disastrous consequences.


Stefan Pleszczynski directed the episode written by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes

Synopsis courtesy of The CW

You can watch The Flash Season 3 Episode 4: The New Rogues Tuesday, October 25th 8/7c on The CW. What did you think of last week’s episode with Jesse Quick and Magenta? Are you excited to watch Mirror Master and Top make their debut on the next episode or for the return of Captain Cold? Is everything that happened and will happen on The Flash results of the Reverse Flash tampering with time after Flashpoint? After you’ve checked out the promos and stills, let us know what you think by liking, sharing and/or leaving a comment below.

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