Spider-Man Spinoffs Future Update Teased by Sony


Spider-Man Spinoffs Teased

Once upon a time, Sony Pictures developed and produced their own Spider-Man movies. Five, to be exact. In those five movies, we met plenty of Spider-Man characters and villains. At some point, Sony believed it would be a good idea to start developing Spider-Man spinoffs starring villains. However, no movie had been featured around a supervillain, beforehand. In addition, Sony’s Spider-Man franchise failed critically. When Paul Giamatti is your Rhino and you want to make the Sinister Six movie, you’ve already failed. One of Spidey’s greatest and most popular villains, Venom, was never introduced. However, Sony wanted to create a Venom spinoff despite not laying the groundwork for him. They wanted to do the same with numerous female heroines from the Spider-Verse.



Spider-Man Spinoffs Teased, Yet Again

It’s sad to say, but thank goodness for the epic failure of Sony’s last Spidey film. Had it not been for that integral moment, Marvel and Sony wouldn’t have reached an agreement to share the wall-crawler. Hold the press! Sony said they were still developing the Spider-Man spinoffs even after the agreement of placing him in the MCU. Many fans wondered how that would be possible, since the press release never mentioned Marvel having any involvement with them. Again, lucky for us, the attention Spider-Man was getting for Captain America: Civil War and his new solo film placed the spinoffs on an indefinite hold. Of course, that was not to last. In a recent interview with Tom Rothman, Chairman of Sony Pictures, Collider was able to squeeze some information regarding the spinoffs. You can check out the video below.

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“We’re working on a lot of that stuff and there’s a concerted effort now,” Rothman mentioned about the spinoffs. “I think there will be real news opposed to speculative news before too long.” It sound like we’ll be hearing about the spinoffs one way or another by year’s end. Let’s hope they’re not going rogue and developing them on their own. With Tom Holland’s Spider-Man now a mainstay in the MCU, you’d think they’re developing these spinoff properties with Marvel. If the movies are not part of the MCU, Sony will have a bigger issue than Amazing Spider-Man 2. Fans will erupt in disappointment and dismay, as the main protagonist to Venom and the Sinister Six will be Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.


Possible Spinoffs on the Table

Ever since the spinoffs were placed on the backburner to promote Spider-Man’s introduction into the MCU, everyone’s wondering which properties will be spun off. What we know from previous statements by Sony, Venom, Sinister Six and a female oriented film were in some sort of development. First, let’s give Sony a little bit of credit for finally realizing they didn’t have the right team to create a long-lasting sustainable Spider-Man universe. Second, let’s assume they’ve learned their lessons and are developing the Spider-Man spinoffs with Marvel. If we assume as much, then what direction do they take Venom, the Sinister Six or a female property?



For Venom, you only have two good choices for the character. It’s either Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson. If they go through with a Venom spinoff, Flash Thompson would be in easier character to write. His Venom is a government agent with a 48-hour window of being bonded with the symbiote before having to be separated. However, most fans love the Eddie Brock version. He’s one of Peter Parker’s most dangerous foes due to the amount of hate both Brock and the symbiote have for Parker. In the more innocent world of the new MCU Spider-Man, a devious and sinister Venom bent on vengeance would be the ultimate version. However, I can’t see the movie being successful without first establishing why the symbiote hates Peter Parker/Spider-Man, so much. Sure, you can develop Brock’s hate throughout his own movie, but the symbiote needs a deeper and more personal history.


The Sinister Six

The problem with developing a Sinister Six spinoff would be having the villains be established enemies of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. How one comes up for a reason why six villains would ever team-up against Spider-Man without ever fighting him is going to be a difficult task. In addition, which six of the numerous villains from Spidey’s rogue gallery will be chosen? There are so many iterations of the Sinister Six, it would be hard to choose the right combination. You have Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, the Green Goblin, the Vulture, the Shocker, Beetle, Venom, Hobgoblin, Boomerang, Chameleon, Hammerhead, Hydro-Man, Lizard and Tombstone. There are probably more, but lesser known villains. With so many great villains, it’s difficult enough for fans to choose who should be part of the six. After you’ve figured that out, the real issue begins; the storyline and arc.


Female Characters

Every female character in the Spidey-verse was rumored to have a film in development. They included Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman, Silk, Firestar and Spider-Gwen. Rumors included a female team-up like Birds of Prey in DC Comics. Since one character is from a different universe and another a mutant, we can scratch Spider-Gwen and Firestar off the list, for now. Silk would be difficult to develop without establishing the Spider-Man universe for some time or the twist of her origin would lose it’s sting. She’s another Peter Parker, as she was also bitten by the same radioactive spider on the same day. She was unable to surface due to being trained and locked away for her own safety, until Spider-Man freed her. As for Black Cat, Silver Sable or Spider-Woman,spinoffs for them would require establishing them and being endeared by fans, as they’re much lesser known characters.

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What do you think of Sony developing Spider-Man spinoffs? Do you want them to collaborate with Marvel on the spinoffs? Or do you want them separated from the MCU? Which properties and storylines would you make a spinoff and why? Let us know your thoughts by liking, sharing and leaving a comment below.

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