Legends Episode 2×02 Title, Plot & Promos *UPDATE*


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2: The Justice Society of America


TEAM WORK — The Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris, but find themselves surrounded by the Justice Society of America (AKA JSA.) The Legends discover a time aberration that threatens the JSA, but the JSA wants nothing to do with them or their help. Nevertheless, the Legends force their way into the JSA’s mission to intercept and seize a mysterious package. Nate (Nick Zano) is desperate to prove that he should be part of the team, but he has a secret that he shares with his grandfather Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull) that might make it difficult. Ray (Brandon Routh) is so focused on impressing the JSA, he puts himself and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) in danger. Meanwhile, Stein (Victor Garber) has stepped in as the leader with Rip (Arthur Darvill) gone, but when decisions aren’t being made Sara (Caity Lotz) seems to be the one calling the shots.

Dominic Purcell and Franz Drameh also star. Michael Grossman directed the episode written by Chris Fedak & Sarah Nicole Jones. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2: The Justice Society of America airs Thursday, October 20th 8/7c on The CW.

In addition to the plot and title, a huge reveal was given regarding the character, Obsidian. The hero is known for being openly gay and the son of original JSA member, Alan Scott aka Green Lantern. According to Lance Henriksen of the Alien movie franchise fame who plays Obsidian, “It’s all in there. It’s all in there, every bit of it. Yeah, being Green Lantern’s son and all that stuff and him being gay is all in there. It’s treated, honestly, kind of ungently. It’s a real thing….Even one of my lines says ‘If you’re lucky enough to find love again, after anything has ever happened to you, well, embrace it.’ [Obsidian] says ‘Son, he’s waiting for me at home.

As a huge fan of the old Smallville series, I was impressed with that version of the JSA. In Smallville, we met JSA members Star-Spangled Kid, Stargirl, and Doctor Fate being led by Hawkman. Also, Doctor Fate mentions the fate (pun intended) of other infamous JSA members. I’m just as excited to see the Flarrowverse/Berlanti version of the Justice Society of America with Commander Steel, Vixen, Doctor Mid-Nite, Stargirl, Obsidian and Hourman. From all the news, photos and rumors, it sounds like this new version of the JSA will be as true to the comic books as one could hope on a television show.

Check out stills from the second episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow below. Are you excited for the new season of DC’s LoT and to see the JSA? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment, liking and sharing.


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