Defenders Assemble/Villain Revealed by Marvel


The Defenders Assemble for First Time Ever

With Luke Cage’s recent success and new teaser released for Iron Fist, The Defenders is picking up steam. The hype will only grow as Marvel ended their New York Comic Con panel with a couple of surprises. First, Finn Jones aka Iron Fist, walked onto stage telling everyone he brought a few friends with him. For the first time ever, we got to witness The Defenders assembled together on stage. Just moments earlier, all four Defenders met together for the very first time, as well.


Villain for The Defenders Revealed

The crowd cheered, as cast members greeted each other. Marvel then revealed another surprise less than two minutes later. Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer for Marvel Television, teased how a villain hadn’t been announced, yet. “We’ve not told you who the villain of The Defenders is,” Loeb says to the crowd. “…we needed to find somebody that can take on all these guys. She’ll be joining The Defenders cast. Ladies and gentleman, it is my distinct honor to introduce…Sigourney Weaver.” As the two-time Golden Globe winner greeted the cast, the crowd went wild and started chanting in unison. Weaver will join Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones and Charlie Cox in the 2017 series.


Marvel didn’t reveal the villain Weaver would be playing or the release date. However, we can be sure the Sci-Fi Queen will make the character iconic. Weaver recently hinted she’d been watching Marvel movies to research for a possible role. After she let the tidbit slip out and only 3 weeks until The Defenders begin shooting, Marvel got ahead of the leaks by announcing her involvement at NYCC. I’m sure her role will be made clearer as filming begins or by the time Iron Fist is released in March. As for the team-up show’s release date, my guess would be sometime in September/October.


What do you think of Sigourney Weaver joining the cast of The Defenders? Do you think she’s the right fit to make a Marvel villain iconic? We’ll speculate on who she might be playing in a future post. Which villain do you want to see her play? Let us know you’re thoughts by liking, sharing and leaving a comment below.

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