Suicide Squad Extended Cut Being Released


Suicide Squad Gets Extended Cut

Warner Bros. announced they’ll release an extended cut of Suicide Squad digitally and on Blu-ray. They should be made available November 15th and December 13th, respectively. After rumors of multiple versions of the movie existing, many believed we would get another ‘ultimate’ edition of a Warner Bros. produced DC film.


To no one’s surprise, an extended cut of Suicide Squad will be made available. Not only has all of Warner Bros. DC films been poorly received critically, they are having difficulties getting the best versions of each movie on the big screen. Two of the three existing Warner Bros. movies in the DC Extended Universe have or will have multiple versions in existence. This points to signs the studio has more than just a few internal issues regarding the DCEU.


Extended Cut To Improve On Theatrical Version?

I’m still excited to watch the extended cut, as I liked the ultimate edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After being disappointed with the theatrical release, it wasn’t hard to improve my previous experience with the movie. I believe this will be the same situation with Suicide Squad. The movie was enjoyable at the theater, but so many things went wrong in the film. I doubt the extended cut will fix any of the major issues, but should be more enjoyable than the theatrical version. The part I’m most interested in seeing is the ‘crazy, mad, love’ between the Joker and Harley Quinn.


Check out the teaser of the extended cut for Suicide Squad below. Let us know what you think of Warner Bros. releasing another version of their DC movies? Is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing on the extended cut? Do you think enough changes have been made to improve the DCEU going forward? Remember to like, share and comment.


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