Logan Official Title for Wolverine Movie Plus Much More


The last Wolverine movie anchored by Hugh Jackman has been officially given the new title, Logan. Yesterday, we teased there would be new updates for the final chapter in Jackman’s Wolverine movie. Lucky for all of us, the update has arrived a lot sooner than expected. A tweet went out from Jackman’s Twitter account showing a humongous poster for the new movie named Logan.


Soon after Jackman tweeted the reveal, Director James Mangold tweeted out the second page of the script. On the page, it describes a fight between Logan/Wolverine and a group of villains known as the Bangers. In addition, there’s a bit of exposition given between the dialogue and fight. There might be some sort of flashback thrown into the middle of the battle. However, it feels like a Deadpool-type narration moment, breaking the fourth wall.


In addition to the title, poster and script page reveal, I scoured the internet to locate any clue as to who might be holding Logan’s hand on the poster. Lucky for us, Just Jared is always on top of the set photos. The child in the picture below looks injured and seems to be running with Logan and Professor X. The multiple injuries to her and not looking affected by them seems to indicate she could be the McGuffin of the movie for Wolverine; X-23. As rumored, X-23 is said to be created by Mister Sinister, the villain of the movie. If Logan’s healing factor is fading, as the script indicates, maybe his last act is to save his clone/daughter, X-23, from Sinister. With an old Professor X and fading Wolverine (most likely both actors last go as their characters), many expect both to be killed before the credits roll. In order to insure the safety of his daughter from Sinister, let’s hope he can send her back in time with Cable and Deadpool! I know, wishful thinking. We can always dream.


Check out the final performance by Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine in Logan, March 3, 2017 by 20th Century Fox Studios at a theater near you.


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