Mulan Added To Disney’s Live-Action Remakes


Disney will be adding Mulan to their library of live-action remakes. It was announced today, the 1998 animated film will be following the same path as Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, and the recently announced The Lion King. The studio revealed the live-action remake will be released November 2, 2018 in 3D. A worldwide search has begun to find a Chinese actress to play the legendary figure.


The original story of Hua Mulan dates back nearly 1500 years ago. Starting as a ballad, it was transcribed in the 6th century. During the time of Hua Mulan, China was constantly invaded by outsiders. In order to defend the country, a male from each family was conscripted into the army. Mulan took it upon herself to serve in her father’s place, as he was old and brother was young. Known for her sword skills and training in Kung-Fu, she fought for twelve years gaining high merit. When the army returned home, she refused any awards and asked to return home. After the happy reunion with her family, she returned to her comrades dressed as she once did before the war. To their surprise, they were never aware she was a woman the entire twelve years. Hua Mulan is as legendary a folk tale as their is in China.


Walt Disney’s animated version of Mulan changed the story to fit a younger audience. The synopsis for the animated film is:

Fearful that her ailing father will be drafted into the Chinese military, Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) takes his spot — though, as a girl living under a patriarchal regime, she is technically unqualified to serve. She cleverly impersonates a man and goes off to train with fellow recruits. Accompanied by her dragon, Mushu (Eddie Murphy), she uses her smarts to help ward off a Hun invasion, falling in love with a dashing captain along the way.


We already know Mulan is a staple in Disney’s animated world. She’s already made her live-action debut on the ABC series Once Upon A Time. Jamie Chung plays the character and currently guest stars on the show. With the success of their previous live-action adaptations by Walt Disney Studios, let’s hope they continue their hot streak past 2018 with both The Lion King and Mulan. I’m curious how they will portray Mushu. Let us know what you think. Please like, share and comment below.


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