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The CW will be making superhero television history with it’s three night crossover on The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at the end of November. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed the alien Dominators will be the big bads for the major event. With Supergirl in the fold, introducing aliens as the driving force for a massive team-up is fairly reasonable. Sure, you see aliens all the time on Supergirl, but an armada of them on Arrow? Guggenheim explains, [we’ll use] “cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look.” Let’s hope they can pull off the Todd MacFarlane look of the Dominators from the 1989 versions he created.


The Dominators, created by Jim Shooter, first appeared in the October 1967 issue of Adventure Comics #361. Introduced as villains of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century, they were known as mad-scientist type geneticists. They conducted countless experiments to unlock the genetic potential of humans. Eventually, the Dominators were successful in secretly taking over the Earth. With the help of 20th-century Superman and one of the Linear Men, the Legion were able to free the Earth from the Dominators. Unfortunately, the aliens’ previous actions would eventually lead to a chain reaction causing the destruction of Earth. Other alternate versions of the 30th century Dominators depicted them as being eradicated by Brainiac-4 or imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Mon-El, Superman’s descendant and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


During the 1989 three issue limited series and 30+ comic book crossover event ‘Invasion!’, the Dominators created an alien alliance to attack Earth. The Dominators led the alliance to believe the attack was necessary, as the meta-gene in humans posed a potential threat to their worlds. In fact, the alien species wanted to experiment and unlock the potential of the human meta-gene to build their own metahuman army. During a battle between Superman and the Daxamites, a humanoid species with Kryptonian-type abilities under a yellow sun, the Daxamites would succumb to the difference in Earth’s atmosphere from their own. After Superman saves them, they turn on the alliance and join the superheroes defending Earth.


Arrogance of the Dominators became their downfall, as they were unaware of the effects of the yellow sun on the Daxamites and ignored their demands to withdraw. In the end, the Dominators were defeated and humiliated. Instead of creating their own metahuman army, they helped create more metahumans on Earth through their experiments and last effort to gene-bomb the planet.  Even JLA honorary member, Snapper Carr, obtained superpowers during the ‘Invasion!’ event. Snapper will make his live-action television debut on Supergirl’s second episode of season two, ‘The Last Children of Krypton’, as Kara’s new editor-in-chief at CatCo Magazine.


Invasion! was a successful comic book event for DC Comics in 1988-89. Eventually, a version of the story would be adapted to the popular, but short-lived animated series, Young Justice. Based on the subversive tactics to invade Earth and the manipulation of meta-genes through experiments, The Reach in Young Justice was the equivalent to the Dominators in the comic book event. Instead of yellow skin with a red disc on their foreheads, The Reach simply had green skin in the series. In the animated cartoon, Justice League, a very loose adaptation of the Invasion! event was adapted in the last three episodes of the series called ‘Starcrossed’. During the three part ‘Starcrossed’ event, the Thanagarians, who were part of the alien alliance in the comics, attack and invade Earth.


Season premieres for The Flash and Arrow start this week, while Supergirl’s and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s premieres start next week on The CW. The crossover event should air on The CW during the last week of November. Stay tuned for any updates and be sure to like,share and comment below.

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