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Arrow is currently the longest running show kicking off The CW’s DC universe. In it’s four seasons, the popularity has been a roller coaster ride. Season One caught our attention by bringing us a gritty and dark origin of the vigilante. Arrow’s second season earned critical acclaim with the introduction of the Suicide Squad and bringing fan-favorite Deathstroke to life. The third season saw a huge decline in viewership, as the series started to resemble a typical CW young adult show. Finally, this past season was a complete departure from the first 2 seasons, as the main antagonist used magic in a world that was touted as being grounded.

Although Season 3 & 4 were subpar, it hasn’t shaken my trust in Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and Berlanti to bring us a great season five. You have to acknowledge there were issues out of their control causing some scrambling in the writers’ room. After Warner Bros. green-lit and fast-tracked the Suicide Squad movie, a creative shift took place in Arrow. The ideas and course for the show were derailed, because Arrow was to make the A.R.G.U.S. based team more significant in future episodes. In addition, Arrow had previously lost the ability to utilize Deathstroke further, due to him being pulled for the same reasons. The loss of both Deathstroke and Suicide Squad is what caused the drop in storytelling and viewers.

In interviews, Amell has stated Arrow will get back-to-basics during the upcoming season.

“To me, this season feels very grounded and very patient… [Oliver’s] father asked him to make Star City a better place than the place that he left it. And that really is where we get to with Oliver. Oliver’s most important relationship in the show is not with Felicity, it’s not with Thea, it’s not with Diggle; it’s with Star City. And that’s what we focus on this year. Arrow has always been… a street level-crime-fighting-make-Star-City better show. And it feels like we’re getting back to that this year, which is cool.”

Can Arrow get back to it’s roots from Season 1 & 2 and still move forward? According to the Season 5 trailers, they seem determined to accomplish their goals. The latest trailer show glimpses of the Green Arrow reverting to his interrogation tactics as the Vigilante from Season 1. Recently, Amell posted teases via Twitter for the upcoming season. These tweets are starting to prove true of what he said during his interviews on getting back-to-basic. Amell’s first tweet shows him and Diggle actor, David Ramsey, posing with a mystery guest for a future Season 5 episode. The mystery guest is said to be someone returning to the show. Rumors are saying the mystery guest are either Jamey Sheridan (Robert Queen), Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlin), Susanna Thompson (Moira Queen) or Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance/Black Canary).


This next tweet says it all. Stephen Amell is sitting on a bench with a fully outfitted Deathstroke, confirming the popular character’s return.


Amell’s last two tweets has the little geek in me screaming with joy. The photos seem to be taken from the set of filming the huge mid-season crossover and 100th episode of Arrow.


Season 5 will also bring us a new team consisting of Ragman, Wild Dog, Artemis and Mr. Terrific along with revealing the relationship between Oliver and the Bratva. No more magic, no more young adult content and no more distractions. Arrow Season 5 will hit the ground running with it’s premiere October 5th on The CW 8/7c.

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